Session 10

In which the Tiamat plot comes to a Head (or Heads, as the case may be...)

With the bickering unresolved, the party hears malignant chanting echoing through the sewers. With their ears pressed against the reinforced wooden door and iron portcullis blocking entry to chamber presumed to be the chanting’s source, Althea and Cheese are able to make out the words—though they’re in Draconic. Cheese does his best to interpret the ritual, decides it required too much thinking, and makes Sa’id do it.

The words are a prelude to a sacrificial offering, which our valiant heroes must of course prevent, but only after overcoming the extreme intellectual challenge of yet another door, which always seem to be in the way…

Evaluating the situation, Sa’id realizes he can freeze the water dripping along the portcullis and wedges the gate open, while Cheese magnetizes the iron bar on the other side of the door, and charges his sword to lift it from the other side. Throwing open the door, the party is face-to-face with a Dragonborn cleric hunched over a grand altar to Tiamat at the top of a dais, all the while looking particularly badass. This problem is quickly rectified as Eryndan whips him off the stairs and onto his ass.

The party is nearly killed by several Wrack Abishai that ambush our heroes from beneath a cloak of invisibility, the Cleric Virrar’s pent-elemental Maws and Break of Tiamat, and the Shadar-kai Assassin Eluron Bladewhisper whose very shadow is as lethal as his greatsword. Althea and Dan nearly die of their wounds, but are saved by Cheese, who lays his hands upon them. Sa’id dispatches the Abishai with a whirlwind of his sword, and Eryndan lays into the cleric with a flurry of claws and teeth.

Meanwhile, just as Althea is about to fall to Eluron, Cheese makes a last ditch effort to save her by channeling the Tiamat trap from before, and on the second try, succeeds in losing his mind, having five heads, and running the Shadar-Kai through.

Did we mention he lost his mind?

Bloodied and nearly broken, the party finally defeats Virrar, but their victory is short-lived. With a great buffet of wings, a young black dragon emerges from the sewer pipe above, and meets eyes with Cheese, who succumbs to his curse. It lets loose a great roar and flies away, giving our heroes a chance to return to the surface and meet back up with Kothar and Qilababa.


lindevi Alfrebecht

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