Session 11

Fuck land, I'm on a boat, motherfucker

While the rest of the party busied themselves tracking down the thieves guild and stopping an evil cult of Tiamat and assassin’s guild, the Poisoned Shadows, Lucien Mott set to work acquiring a sailing vessel.

Spending a few days searching out a man who knows a man who knows a man, he was able to sell the party’s extra magic items at a high price, the funds from which he put towards the purchase. Coming to a mere nine thousand gold, the sellers seemed all too happy to make the sale.

They shook hands on the deal and Lucien contacted the rest of the party to help him convert the boat into a tavern by the name of “the Crusty Crab.” They decided to spend the night in the crew’s quarters so that they might begin to furnish and stock the bar first thing in the morning.

Eryndan woke with a scream, having dreamt of his own death at the hands of Shysar Locathah. The rest of the party was quickly roused, and began to notice that certain things were off about the ship.

A faint fog seemed to cling to dark corners and the sound of shuffling feet overhead set them on edge.

In the galley, strange apparitions could be seen out of the corner of one’s eye, and Althea and Grallamal spotted a cat with blood-red eyes. Tapping into the arcane energies of the place, Sa’id and Kannan had visions of the ship as it had once been—“The Pride of the Sargasso Sea.”

But the whaling ship, headed by its half-orc Captain Ishmael, hadn’t been seen or heard of since it supposedly met its doom against the legendary Kraken years ago. Was this really the same boat? A nightmare? Hell itself?

They followed the ghosts up the stairs to the tavern area, some feeling as if a tail had brushed up against their leg. Sa’id and Kannan tried to See once more, but when they opened their eyes the spirits had manifested entirely and flew at them with rusty-cutlasses raised!

The party put up a fierce fight, with Eryndan and Rook coming within an inch of their lives. They finally dispelled the ghostly whalers, but the eeriness of the air had not worn off.

The cat seemed to be waiting for them at the top of the stairs leading to the deck.

“You are not welcome here.”


lindevi lindevi

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