Session 12

So a halfling, a cat, and a ghost captain walk into a bar....

The party, defying all horror movie logic, follows the psycho cat up to the deck, where upon they find the that they aren’t in Marrakesh anymore. The city is gone and they are now on a stormy sea in the middle of a Herman Melville novel. Ghost sailors litter the boat, with the captain at the bow watching a great white whale.

Zael, who was already thourougly uncomfortable with being on a permanently moored ship, is now utterly terrified that they’re out at sea. He clutches onto the main mast and does his best not to have a full on panic attack.

While the tiefling is busy embarrassing himself Kannan opens a random door to find a orc sailor spirit relieving itself out of a porthole. Baffled, he asks it why the hell it needs to take a piss when its dead. The thing obviously isn’t aware of this and is slightly miffed that Kannan has broken the unspoken man rule that you do not speak to another man when he’s taking a piss. Kannan then asks about the white whale which he clarifies is an innuendo for the orc’s dick. The thing tries to fight him but gets the shit kicked out of him and thrown out of the port hole.

Going inside the room he finds a chest, inside is a map to a city named Ashyras.

Dan also decides to go knocking on random doors. He finds another spirit asleep at his desk. Dan doesn’t bother with the questions and just kills the guy. The papers on the desk have more information about Ashyras.

Sick of the fact that everyone is murdering the crap out of his crew, the captain decides to attack. The battle rages for a while, the captain apparently can regenerate health and also age the ship at will. After a long while the ghost captain finally dies.

Then the cat shows up again. Its pissed that the party has interfered and killed off its playthings and transforms into a huge devil.


lindevi JunoWho

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