Session 13

Masquerade Mayhem

The party murders the demon cat and something happens which results in everyone being passed out.

Ekdhrine has a dream (inside Rook’s head) about being some kind of malicious demigod in this post apocalyptic hellscape. He is whipping his imaginary wife, who is pregnant with their imaginary unborn child. At this point he sort of separates from his evil whip wielding self and tells himself to stop being a douche, to which his demigod self says that his douchiness is necessary to save the world. Ekdhrine says that’s bullshit and that he’d rather have everyone dead than living in this nightmare. With that said he breaks his imaginary wife’s neck and the dream shatters.

Everyone wakes up in their beds on the ship. Slavey suddenly comes in with a note from the Narbonne military, telling them that they can have their house back and inviting them to a masquerade where they are going to be officially instated as House Madar. Everyone then goes out and buys a costume for the party.

While they are out Zael and Rook hit up the apothecary. Zael is suddenly handed a note with a black stallion head on it and Rook notices they are being followed. Their pursuer is one of the Thieves Guild and she has a message from them. Several Guild members are going to be attending the masquerade including Tariq, the head of the guild. They request that if shit goes down that the party defend them.

Meanwhile at the house, Thea is getting her own note from the Disreputable Dog. Apparently the the Narbonne demand that the group arrest Ra’shal at the masque or else be considered traitors. When the party meets up again they discuss their conflicting interests and decide that Thea will arrest Ra’shal to save face with the Narbonne but Zael will make a point of informing Tariq that they are still siding with them if shit starts to go down.

At the Masquerade everyone does their own thing.

Lucien is off talking business with some merchants, Dan is running around in dog form and Rook is being antisocial and observing.

Sa’id wanders around and sees a portrait of a guy that looks strangely similar to him. When he asks about it he is told that the painting is of Pierre.

Thea and Kannan go out and act as the socialites of the group. Despite everyone being in masks Thea manages to locate Pierre using a bit of cunning and cleavage, and starts chatting him up. Kannan meanwhile plays his lute and gets drunk (or at least pretends to be.)

Meanwhile Zael finds Tariq and tells him their plan. Tariq says that Ra’shal both is and isn’t at the party and that letting her get captured wouldn’t bode well for the guild. He asks Zael to defend her when the time comes. Zael tells him he will and hurries off to inform Thea of the change in plans.

At this point the unmasking takes place and the new ambassador from Shavar is introduced.

Zael tells Thea about the problem in their plan and they come to the unfortunate conclusion that no matter what they do they’re dead.

Pierre suddenly notices Sa’id and asks Thea about him. Noticing Sa’id’s anxiety she responds by kissing Pierre in order to allow Sa’id to slips off unnoticed. Pierre then invites her to go look at his war trophies, which is an innuendo for looking at goddamned war trophies.

Meanwhile a strange woman, that the party believes is Ra’shal, enters and sits down by Tariq. Everyone except Thea (who is with Pierre) and Kannan (who is busy getting hit on by five Red Moon girls) starts gravitating towards them in preparation for the shit hitting the fan.

After speaking to “Ra’shal”, Rook goes over to Kothar who is also at the party. Kothar tells him to quit trying to piss off the Narbonne but Rook seems apathetic towards the warning.

As Zael makes his way over to the group he notices the Shavarian ambassador for the first time. Its his brother Aggryn. Zael’s brain nearly fries in his skull because up until that point the thought his brother was dead. Dazed, he makes his way to his brother but is blocked by guards as Aggryn walks off down a hallway. Zael shouts after him but he makes no response.

Suddenly the group is called to the stage to be officially instated as House Madar. Lucien Thea and Zael go up since they’re the ones associated with the House. Meanwhile Kannan is still with his girls, Rook is standing off to the side and Dan is getting pet by ‘Ra’shal’.

The group is welcomed as House Madar and then immediately told to go arrest Princess Layla. Turns out the girl they thought was Ra’shal was in fact the goddamned princess. Layla sprints off with Dan close at her heels, while Tariq disappears in a smoke bomb. The Red Moon girls Kannan was wooing suddenly whip out throwing knives and kill five guards, leaving the sixth to shit his pants. Then they grab Kannan, jump off the balcony, transform into eagles and carry him off. Zael runs after Layla with Rook beside him and Lucien jumps out of another balcony in order to pursue her by rooftop.

Meanwhile poor Thea is left demanding answers from one of the Narbonne officers. He’s obviously pissed she’s not running after Layla, though I don’t know what he was expecting from a woman in a peacock outfit and high heels. Pierre tries to drag her off and she fights resulting in one of the guards bashing her over the head with the butt of his gun. Rook, seeing this, turns to go help Thea.


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