Session 7

Cheese and Dan go do something heroic while the rest twiddle their fucking thumbs and generally don’t give a shit.

Everyone except Thea, Mooshy and Slavey go and hunt down the Dog. Dan does a good job tracking (mostly because he’s part dog). They speak to an incompetent guard on the way who does not help them at all, and a mysterious gnome merchant named Qilababa who sort-of does.

The party finds the dog climbing into a second story window of their new house, which is being currently occupied by the French Royal Navy. It’s a pretty nice place with a gazebo and roof top garden which is probably why the fruity bastards took it over. The party sneaks in and hears movement upstairs, they check it out and find the dog transformed into a statuette again, thus ruling it out as the source of the noise.

The group ventures further and is greeted by utter blackness. Cheese screams like a girl when something brushes past him, and Sa’id gets pick pocketed out of his last 5 gold and is also left a bill for 5 more. Inside the room Cheese and Sa’id finds a folder with papers missing, and some more stamped by Pierre. There’s also a “babblefish” polyglot gem that lets Sa’id understand French.

Zael is then threatened and/or hit on by a Sexy Shadow Lady. He tries to flip her over with his tail and ends up getting his hand slashed. He and Lucien run after the SSL, while everyone else is being fucking useless in the first room. SSL leaps out of a window and by the time Lu and Zael get to her she vanishes, leaving a cool Shadowfell earring thing. Zael is pissed off and possibly in love.

It gets lighter out and the group goes back to the inn, deciding to tell the military about the shit that went down and claim their house once they’ve slept.

Everyone has crazy dreams again but Sa’id is the only one who remembers his. He sees someone murder his mother and then has a second dream where he chases down and faces the murderer but wakes up before he sees who he is.

They go back to the house and show Commandant Ghislain the shit they found and tell them about the SSL and what she took. He says he’ll let them have their house if they track her and the documents down. Thea’s target “Pierre” is involved too. Can’t remember how.

Also it seems SSL’s name is Ra’shal and she and the Commandant have crossed paths before.

While searching the party notices a fire and head that way. Cheese and Dan help the people in a burning whore house while the others, including Thea who is a prostitute herself, and Zael who has natural fire resistance, twiddle their fucking thumbs and generally don’t give a shit.

Dan saves one woman as her mount, while Cheese cannonballs out a window onto his back, heroically saving a child and two women.

While Dan and Cheese stop dying from smoke inhalation, Zael finds out that the slightly helpful merchant, Qilababa is part of the Thieves Guild and the party should probably talk to him to find Raa’shal.

After this discovery Dan and Cheese insist on being more heroic and chase down the arsons. The rest of the group follows, solely for the possibility of a good fight and some cash.

Justice is eventually had, gold is doled out and everyone is generally happy, except for the dead arsons.


lindevi Alfrebecht

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