Session 8

How did all this happen in only 2 1/2 hours of play?!

Finally back on track, the party seeks out Qilababa. Going back to where they last saw him, they find crates stacked in a peculiar manner that seem to be pointing in a certain direction. They also come across an Eladrin bard named Kannan, who exudes charisma and sex, as this is a necessary requirement for bards. Cheese apparently insulted him a couple nights back in the bar, by talking over his awesome guitar solo or something. After a quick recap of their adventures and current mission he, against better judgment, decides to join the party.

The party follows the crates and finds that they lead to a tavern called The Cantering Steed. Before entering, Zael makes a quick mention of the fact that they probably shouldn’t go pissing off a whole den of thieves and tells everyone to play cool. Cheese fails at this horribly.

Once inside the party splits up a bit.

Sa’id puts on a shemagh and goes off to look menacing in a corner. He has a bit of a staring match with one of the patrons. The man comes over to him and throws down dice. After a bit of gambling, Sa’id suspects the man is cheating. He electrifies his sword and sweeps it over the dice, which magnetically attach themselves to it. Caught in his scam, the man leaves Sa’id with the money he was betting. Sa’id finds a coin with a horse head etched on it among his “winnings.”

Dan scans the sparse population of patrons and spots a suspicious looking elven woman in the corner.

Meanwhile Cheese, Althea, Kannan and Zael go to speak with the bartender. Kannan gets some history about the place, learning that its in one of the more ancient sections of the city. Zael mentions Ra’shal, but the bartender divulges nothing. However the chick Dan was staring at immediately gets up at the mention of Ra’shal and heads upstairs. Dan follows, as does Kannan.

They find her waiting for them in one of the rooms upstairs. She engages them in some suggestive banter but it doesn’t get beyond that though because they end up mentioning Ra’shal again which utterly kills her mood and with it any chance of a blowjob. After some threats of homicide between the two parties, they show her the earring they found when Ra’shal disappeared. Oddly enough she apparently has a matching one. They give her the earring which flies to her and connects with the one she has. Then she thanks them and flips out the damn window. As she runs off she yells out her name: Layla ibn Sehaine Al-Maghreb. Little do the guys know, they have just missed out on having sex with a goddamned princess. lolz

During all this Cheese Althea and Zael managed to glean information about Qilababa and are taken out into a luxurious courtyard by the bartender. Sa’id follows a few minutes behind. The area is way nicer than the slums they were just in and they guess that it might have been the original castle. They follow a hall covered in mosaics which tells of Marrakesh’s history. How the original people were Eladrin until the humans invaded. The human leader and the Eladrin queen married and from then on the lineage has followed a matriarchal line. Also the princesses are all dedicated to a certain deity and all have brown eyes. As another side note, there seems to be a re-occurring symbol of a black stallion. The last queen is actually riding it and at the last scene, dismounts.

After that long ass walk they come to another courtyard. Qilababa is there as well as a bunch of playing children. Qilababa seems to have been expecting them. He tells the adventurers that the folks they saved from the fire were actually French spies. Zael says that they should’ve let the rats burn and then informs the merchant that they have no love for the French. He and Althea inform him of their need to find Ra’shal and the documents she has. The merchant is glad to help, but for a price. There is a guild of assassins moving on the thieves territory. If the party disposes of these interlopers, he’ll be more than happy to give them more information.

The assassins guild is called the Poisoned Shadows, and tends to leave a nightshade flower at the scene of their kills. The group remembers that same flower being with the Tiamat idol when they were investigating Tellemon’s death, i.e. Tellemon was on of the Poisoned Shadows bastards. Cheese runs off to speak with the paladin of Bahamut, Content Not Found: kothar and to check on Shy.

Before the others follow him, Qilababa mentions that Sa’id looks like someone and that they should be wary of the half-elf. Sa’id, who is standing right there, is confused.

In a convenient turn of events there is an assassination that brings everyone together again and guess what the fucker left on the body? THAS RAHT MOTHA FUKKA. A damn flower. Zael thinks these are the fruitiest assassins he’s ever seen, and he screws men.

Everyone goes to chase the assassin on the roof tops. The fight eventually concludes when Sa’id knocks the bitch two stories down. When she comes to, Zael is restraining her and probably also copping a feel, Dan who is a bear, is growling in her face, Thea is leering at her with an evil shit eating grin, and Cheese is Cheese.

Thea asks where the assassins guild is and after a bit of coercing from Cheese and his huge fucking teeth she tells the party that they reside in a curiosity shop.

The party decides to get some sleep and drags the injured assassin with them. More weird dreams ensue. Annoyingly, only Kannan remembers his, even though he’d been with the party for all of three fucking hours. He dreams about the history of Marrakesh and makes the connection that the chick he and Dan were talking to is the goddamned princess.


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