Session 9

The party heads to the curio shop the next night. Zael has thought up a plan using his new bracers but when he tries to get the party to strategize a bit they seem full on determined to be mindless fucktards and rush in. Exasperated he at least gets them to use his Shadow legion ability so they’re all stealthed. Not that this ends up mattering seeing as Sa’id insists on hitting up the register when they go in, which then makes a trap explode in his face. The register hit’s the floor with a clatter and Zael considers locking his idiot party members in the shop and just setting the whole fucking place on fire.

The party clamors down the stares and encounters assassins that take way too long to kill. They find tattoos of Tiamat on them but little else, so the group raids the bookcases. Sa’id finds a sleeping draught and a trap door.

The adventurers head through the door which leads them to the sewers. As they explore Dan gets covered in evil mushroom spores that will spout in 11 days on the eclipse. They also find a whirlpool of sewage that’s a ton of different colors.

Eventually they hear snoring and find a huge troll sleeping in one of the pipes. They fight it and find out that the multicolored whirlpool summons shadow copies of the troll. After they kill the troll they realize it too was a follower of Tiamat. There’s a magical symbol also belonging to Tiamat above them. Cheese wants to destroy it but Sa’id, bent on touching more shit he shouldn’t, argues that he wants to use it to enchant his weapon. The two bicker while Dan laughs and Zael shouts encouragement to Sa’id.

In the distance they hear chanting.


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