Darom Madar


“Travelling the endless desert as a devil’s fashion accessory, in the company of whores, thieves, and worse. If there is a hell, it certainly can not compare to this.” -Darmon Madar


The former patron of House Madar. He remained animated by his need for vengeance for years after his death.
After the party rekilled him, Zael decided to take his skull as a momento and wears it on his belt.
Darmon however continues to refuse death and instead has found ways to act on his homicidal tendencies using Zael’s shadow powers. He can channel the tiefling’s rage and allow him to transform into a devil, and can also take control of Zael’s shadow and use it to assist in fights.
So far Darmon is content to simply cause more bloodshed and have mental conversations with his host.

Darom Madar

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