"I am no more or less than what I was made to be. I am the vessel."


Cold and distant, Rook seems empty rather than hostile.

Brought up from the age of three to serve rather than think, he has grown exceptionally efficient in killing, calculating, and conversing. He is direct and severe, but does not volunteer anything unless needed.

His “childhood” was poor at best, while not deprived of any material needs, he lacked basic companionship and love. The concept of friendship is completely foreign to him, he evaluates people’s worth based only on ability and goals.

He currently carries his “burden” as duty to the Red Knight. Interestingly, this situation has brought about the first joy in his life, as he feels the emotions of the other. Additionally, he is empowered beyond his own abilities. Consequently, he shares an intense devotion and camaraderie with his charge (broken though he may be).


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