"Can't I make an Intimidate check instead?"


Sabiira is unusual, even among Marrakesh’s varied citizens; her voluminous white hair and charcoal skin, in addition to her amber-colored eyes, mark her distinctly as a denizen of the dark and labyrinthine caverns beneath the rainforests. To most, she is some combination of intimidating and suspicious based solely on her appearance.

In her dealings with others, Sabiira is sharp-tongued and usually quite rude. It is not unusual for her to be snobbish, elitist, threatening or otherwise unpleasant. In fact, she seems to take great pleasure in the fear and loathing of others towards her. This following of drow personality stereotypes to the letter may, of course, seem the tiniest bit artificial to those who are truly perceptive as to the nature of others…


When Zael asked Sabiira, “What is the last thing you remember?” she answered with this: “The sun. Too much of it.” So far, this is all she has told anyone in regards to where she came from, or how she ended up fighting (and subsequently working with) the party. It is assumed by most that Sabiira has not lived on the surface for a very long time, since the sun still unsettles her as if she has just recently left the Underdark.


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