His real name is Pate, but nobody cares enough to remember that.


Strength: 30
Constitution: Until he stops getting back up
Dexterity: 6 (he fell off a cliff remember?)
Intelligence: 6 (that cliff again…)
Wisdom: 14
Charisma: over 9000


A former enslaved member of a group of bandits in the desert, he joined up with the party after his captors and fellows were slaughtered. In his attempt to run away, he was frightened off a cliff by Ekdhrine, then scared pissless by Shysar. He then “agreed” to accompany the party and aid in their adventures.

In his time with the party he has shown an aptitude for combat, even killing an elf by flinging him head first into terrifying thorn vines.

His bestest and onlyest friend is the Disreputable Dog.


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