Session 6

Lucien, Mooshy, and Thea had weird dreams about weird shit. They go scavenging and come back just as the rest of the party returns, only to find that everyone is dead, Rhotan is possessed by a demon and there’s a werewolf fighting him. Everyone goes “WTF!?”

Party kills Rhotan, and takes on the demon hunting werewolf named Dan. No one is too upset about Rhotan because on top of a house, a dog, and trading privileges, the group now has 3 sand skiffs and a shit ton of supplies. They also find a weird amulet on Rhotan with some unknown deity on it. Shy is grievously injured and is out of the fight for a while. Slavey is okay though and we find out his real name is Pate.

Everyone sleeps and has more crazy dreams.

EXCITING CARAVAN CHASE! Dan gets a war chocobo.

The party makes it to the Marrakesh where Cheese, Dan, and Sa’id go to take Shy to get healed and find out about the amulet. They find out that the dude they’d all been dreaming about was some insane world destroying deity called “The Sleeper.” It was challenged by a dark pally long ago who fought the deity’s paragon. They both died and no one since has heard of “The Sleeper.”

Shy meanwhile is having visions of the Platinum dragon and babbling on about shit.

Mooshy fails at singing and sex, Zael gets 30G and a hot elf girl, Lucien gets 50 G and totally smashed, Dan tried to steal a gun and fails, Thea gets a side quest from a ho to find Pierre, and Cheese is Cheese.

Pate comes and tells us that the dog has told him that it is going “home,” which means the estate they have acquired. Everyone freaks that their expensive dog statue can talk (and has run off) and so they pursue.

Session 5

After killing the ghosts and giving them a proper burial the party goes even deeper into the Madarian catacombs. They stumble upon a huge intricate mechanized door. They unlock it finally and come into a huge room that looks like a place to pay homage. There is a skeleton by the altar. Cheese tries to cleanse the room and bestow burial rights upon the bones but Sa’id goes and pokes them, making the thing jump up and attack the party.

After a loooooong loooooooong arduous battle, the former Madarian patriarch falls. Cheese doesn’t give him burial rights because he was a bitch to kill. Zael takes the skull and names him Bitchface Mcgee. The others agree this is a suitable fate for such an annoying jerk off.

The loot is ample though. Within a chest they find many treasures, the most significant including the deed to an estate, exclusive trading rights held by the Madar, and an onyx statue that summons a dog. For good measure the Dragonborn rip the cool door off its hinges and take that too.

Outside the cave the party encounters bandits which they murder the crap out of because they’re 3 or 4 levels lower than they are. With the bandits dead they head back to Rhotan and his caravan.

Session 4

The party reaches Silver Spring, a small oasis town. They turn in the bandannas to the head of the town, Toramund, but learn nothing from him because they insist on acting like morons. Also some random elf snatches the bandannas out of Cheese’s hands and Toramund smacks Sa’id on the head with a gem.

They stable their animals and head out with Rhotan to the Canyon of Gothay, where the Madarian treasure is said to be. Rhotan gives them 3 days to explore the caves. The first day yields nothing so the party goes to sleep in a cave, which ends up being inhabited by a wind serpent, which they kill.

The next day they find a large cavern with movement inside. They check it out, only to be greeted by zombies, which they kill. They venture further into the cave and find a room with a monolith and many sarcophagi. The monolith forces a sense of mourning upon the adventurers that Zael doesn’t like one bit. He clearly states that he does not in fact give a shit about the dead folk, which pisses them off.

Session 3
Lapdogs, all of you!

They encounter an ambush from red bandanna wearing bandits and burst out into revelry which confuses the bandits. They then kill the bandits and take their head gear.

Session 2
A dragon, an elf, and a slave walk into a bar...

Investigated the murder of an official named Tellemon in the Bloodsand Arena. Turned out the victim was getting paid by cultist followers of Tiamat to kill the leader of the city and the assassins were actually working for the local government.

Much mischief was had in the bar in the form of theft, sexual assault, and just plain assault. The party got kicked out, but got the attention of a paladin of Bahamut, Kothar-ur-Kasis who said he would get rid of the idol of Tiamat they’d found.

Sa’id, Shy, and Cheese fought in the arena while Zael, Thea, and Lucien placed bets on them. Though the battle started out poorly, a little “encouragement” and some straight-up bad mouthing from the spectators of the group helped.

A dwarf by the name of Rhotan Vor told the party of the lost treasures of House Madar and in turn for their help would give them 90% of the findings and free passage on his sand skiffs. The party agreed to this.

Before they leave they notice a wanted post for red bandanas belonging to a gang of outlaws.

Session 1
The beginnings and endings of all human undertakings are untidy.

A slave caravan attacks the party. The party kicks their asses and takes one of the slaves whom they dub “Slavey.”

They enter the arena in the next town and do some crazy crap where in Cheese runs around with a chest and Slavey hurls someone into a man eating bush.


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