Sessions 14 and a wee bit more
Here's the run down...

So alot of shit has gone down since the Masquerade.
Every one ended up at the Thieves Guild hideout. Where we find out Ra’shal is getting it on with Ghislain and also that she’s Layla’s body guard.
The group is now officially wanted by the Narbonne and end up getting caught and imprisoned. This isn’t too bad though since they’re imprisoned in a nice house.
Everyone escapes and finds out the Cult of Ioun is apparently really the cult of the crazy half dead god that’s been invading the party’s nightmares, which are getting ALOT worse.
A bitchy drow ends up in the party.
The Queen has had her baby with the Narbonne vizier, which means Layla and really all of Marrakesh (and possibly the world)is screwed unless the kid bites it.
Oh and tariq is in prison now. And not the nice prison the party was in. The real prison with rats and toilet wine and butt rape.
The group is charged with stealing the kid resuing Tariq and afterwards finding the Shavarian ambassador so they can get him on their side.
So far the group has split up and have gotten to their objecttives. Unfortunately they’ve run into some resistance.

Session 13
Masquerade Mayhem

The party murders the demon cat and something happens which results in everyone being passed out.

Ekdhrine has a dream (inside Rook’s head) about being some kind of malicious demigod in this post apocalyptic hellscape. He is whipping his imaginary wife, who is pregnant with their imaginary unborn child. At this point he sort of separates from his evil whip wielding self and tells himself to stop being a douche, to which his demigod self says that his douchiness is necessary to save the world. Ekdhrine says that’s bullshit and that he’d rather have everyone dead than living in this nightmare. With that said he breaks his imaginary wife’s neck and the dream shatters.

Everyone wakes up in their beds on the ship. Slavey suddenly comes in with a note from the Narbonne military, telling them that they can have their house back and inviting them to a masquerade where they are going to be officially instated as House Madar. Everyone then goes out and buys a costume for the party.

While they are out Zael and Rook hit up the apothecary. Zael is suddenly handed a note with a black stallion head on it and Rook notices they are being followed. Their pursuer is one of the Thieves Guild and she has a message from them. Several Guild members are going to be attending the masquerade including Tariq, the head of the guild. They request that if shit goes down that the party defend them.

Meanwhile at the house, Thea is getting her own note from the Disreputable Dog. Apparently the the Narbonne demand that the group arrest Ra’shal at the masque or else be considered traitors. When the party meets up again they discuss their conflicting interests and decide that Thea will arrest Ra’shal to save face with the Narbonne but Zael will make a point of informing Tariq that they are still siding with them if shit starts to go down.

At the Masquerade everyone does their own thing.

Lucien is off talking business with some merchants, Dan is running around in dog form and Rook is being antisocial and observing.

Sa’id wanders around and sees a portrait of a guy that looks strangely similar to him. When he asks about it he is told that the painting is of Pierre.

Thea and Kannan go out and act as the socialites of the group. Despite everyone being in masks Thea manages to locate Pierre using a bit of cunning and cleavage, and starts chatting him up. Kannan meanwhile plays his lute and gets drunk (or at least pretends to be.)

Meanwhile Zael finds Tariq and tells him their plan. Tariq says that Ra’shal both is and isn’t at the party and that letting her get captured wouldn’t bode well for the guild. He asks Zael to defend her when the time comes. Zael tells him he will and hurries off to inform Thea of the change in plans.

At this point the unmasking takes place and the new ambassador from Shavar is introduced.

Zael tells Thea about the problem in their plan and they come to the unfortunate conclusion that no matter what they do they’re dead.

Pierre suddenly notices Sa’id and asks Thea about him. Noticing Sa’id’s anxiety she responds by kissing Pierre in order to allow Sa’id to slips off unnoticed. Pierre then invites her to go look at his war trophies, which is an innuendo for looking at goddamned war trophies.

Meanwhile a strange woman, that the party believes is Ra’shal, enters and sits down by Tariq. Everyone except Thea (who is with Pierre) and Kannan (who is busy getting hit on by five Red Moon girls) starts gravitating towards them in preparation for the shit hitting the fan.

After speaking to “Ra’shal”, Rook goes over to Kothar who is also at the party. Kothar tells him to quit trying to piss off the Narbonne but Rook seems apathetic towards the warning.

As Zael makes his way over to the group he notices the Shavarian ambassador for the first time. Its his brother Aggryn. Zael’s brain nearly fries in his skull because up until that point the thought his brother was dead. Dazed, he makes his way to his brother but is blocked by guards as Aggryn walks off down a hallway. Zael shouts after him but he makes no response.

Suddenly the group is called to the stage to be officially instated as House Madar. Lucien Thea and Zael go up since they’re the ones associated with the House. Meanwhile Kannan is still with his girls, Rook is standing off to the side and Dan is getting pet by ‘Ra’shal’.

The group is welcomed as House Madar and then immediately told to go arrest Princess Layla. Turns out the girl they thought was Ra’shal was in fact the goddamned princess. Layla sprints off with Dan close at her heels, while Tariq disappears in a smoke bomb. The Red Moon girls Kannan was wooing suddenly whip out throwing knives and kill five guards, leaving the sixth to shit his pants. Then they grab Kannan, jump off the balcony, transform into eagles and carry him off. Zael runs after Layla with Rook beside him and Lucien jumps out of another balcony in order to pursue her by rooftop.

Meanwhile poor Thea is left demanding answers from one of the Narbonne officers. He’s obviously pissed she’s not running after Layla, though I don’t know what he was expecting from a woman in a peacock outfit and high heels. Pierre tries to drag her off and she fights resulting in one of the guards bashing her over the head with the butt of his gun. Rook, seeing this, turns to go help Thea.

Session 12
So a halfling, a cat, and a ghost captain walk into a bar....

The party, defying all horror movie logic, follows the psycho cat up to the deck, where upon they find the that they aren’t in Marrakesh anymore. The city is gone and they are now on a stormy sea in the middle of a Herman Melville novel. Ghost sailors litter the boat, with the captain at the bow watching a great white whale.

Zael, who was already thourougly uncomfortable with being on a permanently moored ship, is now utterly terrified that they’re out at sea. He clutches onto the main mast and does his best not to have a full on panic attack.

While the tiefling is busy embarrassing himself Kannan opens a random door to find a orc sailor spirit relieving itself out of a porthole. Baffled, he asks it why the hell it needs to take a piss when its dead. The thing obviously isn’t aware of this and is slightly miffed that Kannan has broken the unspoken man rule that you do not speak to another man when he’s taking a piss. Kannan then asks about the white whale which he clarifies is an innuendo for the orc’s dick. The thing tries to fight him but gets the shit kicked out of him and thrown out of the port hole.

Going inside the room he finds a chest, inside is a map to a city named Ashyras.

Dan also decides to go knocking on random doors. He finds another spirit asleep at his desk. Dan doesn’t bother with the questions and just kills the guy. The papers on the desk have more information about Ashyras.

Sick of the fact that everyone is murdering the crap out of his crew, the captain decides to attack. The battle rages for a while, the captain apparently can regenerate health and also age the ship at will. After a long while the ghost captain finally dies.

Then the cat shows up again. Its pissed that the party has interfered and killed off its playthings and transforms into a huge devil.

Session 11
Fuck land, I'm on a boat, motherfucker

While the rest of the party busied themselves tracking down the thieves guild and stopping an evil cult of Tiamat and assassin’s guild, the Poisoned Shadows, Lucien Mott set to work acquiring a sailing vessel.

Spending a few days searching out a man who knows a man who knows a man, he was able to sell the party’s extra magic items at a high price, the funds from which he put towards the purchase. Coming to a mere nine thousand gold, the sellers seemed all too happy to make the sale.

They shook hands on the deal and Lucien contacted the rest of the party to help him convert the boat into a tavern by the name of “the Crusty Crab.” They decided to spend the night in the crew’s quarters so that they might begin to furnish and stock the bar first thing in the morning.

Eryndan woke with a scream, having dreamt of his own death at the hands of Shysar Locathah. The rest of the party was quickly roused, and began to notice that certain things were off about the ship.

A faint fog seemed to cling to dark corners and the sound of shuffling feet overhead set them on edge.

In the galley, strange apparitions could be seen out of the corner of one’s eye, and Althea and Grallamal spotted a cat with blood-red eyes. Tapping into the arcane energies of the place, Sa’id and Kannan had visions of the ship as it had once been—“The Pride of the Sargasso Sea.”

But the whaling ship, headed by its half-orc Captain Ishmael, hadn’t been seen or heard of since it supposedly met its doom against the legendary Kraken years ago. Was this really the same boat? A nightmare? Hell itself?

They followed the ghosts up the stairs to the tavern area, some feeling as if a tail had brushed up against their leg. Sa’id and Kannan tried to See once more, but when they opened their eyes the spirits had manifested entirely and flew at them with rusty-cutlasses raised!

The party put up a fierce fight, with Eryndan and Rook coming within an inch of their lives. They finally dispelled the ghostly whalers, but the eeriness of the air had not worn off.

The cat seemed to be waiting for them at the top of the stairs leading to the deck.

“You are not welcome here.”

Session 10.5 so far
Ekdhrine dies?

As Ekdhrine is carried in, one of the shadows in the corner shifts, and Rook emerges without a sound to follow Ekdhrine’s sleeping form.

Ekdhrine turns in his sleep, “but, to protect…”

Rook’s eyes dart to the slightly scorched symbol of Ioun around the paladin’s neck, the acid and frost burns on his sword, and the sweat on his brow. After a long silence Rook speaks to Kothar without looking up. When he speaks it is with a flat, emotionless voice that betrays no concern or emotion.

“He poisoned himself?”

Kothar looks up a moment, eyes betraying surprise for a moment before fading back to their dark stoicism.

“You think he would have willingly…” he trails off, incredulous, as Eryndan lowers the Paladin onto the stone floor. He stares at Rook a moment before turning his attention back to Ekhdrine, growling faintly.

“He reeks of Her taint,” he says, shaking his head. He closes his eyes and passes a hand over the Dragonborn’s body, and frowns. “I can barely sense him underneath Tiamat’s filth. Is he even still…” he stops himself, looking up as Shysar bursts in the room.

The unspoken words hang heavy in the silence, before Kothar barks an order. “Squire, the incense and Looking-Shard. Quickly.”

“Yes, sir!,” the newly-minted Paladin manages, still staring.

“NOW,” he roars. Shysar turns to rush back out the way he came.

Eryndan follows Shysar with his eyes, shaking his head. “I can still smell the taint from that one,” he says with a growl.

“You there, Shifter, tell me what happened to him.” His scaly brows furrow in impatience.

“I’m not certain. Our ranger was bleeding out and ran from the room followed by an assassin. He left the room chasing the assassin and when he returned, he seemed to be bearing the heads of Tiamat on his shoulders for a short time. After we defeated a Tiamat priest, a dragon entered the sewer and roared, and the Paladin just collapsed as the thing flew away”

Rook raises his eyebrows, “A dragon in a sewer.”

“Was it a Black Dragon?” Kothar asks.

Eryndan looks at Kothar and slowly lets out, “Yes, but how…”

“Nightshade. She followed us through the desert, and we were still outrunning her when your party crossed paths with ours in Altaruk. One of Tiamat’s brood, and dangerous. I’d heard that she had infiltrated the city, but I couldn’t flush her out of hiding.” He reaches in his pack and pulls out a flower. “One of her hirelings left this for me some days ago. Not that the Shadar-Kai bastard ever had a chance.”

Eryndan’s eyes flash angrily.

“Did they come after Shysar when you arrived in the city?”

“We’ve had a run-in with them, and we’ve been looking into their operations, but they haven’t seemed to target any of us…”

“Perhaps they hadn’t become aware of your presence just yet, or they wanted to keep you alive for something else.” Kothar inclines his head, exhales deeply, and turns back to Ekdhrine.

“This five-headed dragon business. If what you say is true, then he had channeled Her power into him directly. Yet, for him to be able to conduct Her at all… I don’t understand. It doesn’t make sense,” the Paladin says, thinking aloud. He presses two fingers to his brow, frustrated.

“Our only other clue is Nightshade. Did she commune with him? Speak to him? Destroy him?”

Eryndan crosses his arms and leans back against a stone pillar. Rook says nothing.

“Sir, the items you called for.” Shysar’s words break the laden silence.

“Good, bring them here.” Kothar takes the mirror and gives the boy a bronze censer in the shape of a dragon. “Cleanse the room as I’ve taught you, and make the wards. Do this three times, and then we can begin to scry into his soul.”

Shysar nods and does as he is bidden.

The room brightens with silver rays, as when a cloud unveils the sun.

Kothar holds the mirror in both hands, reading aloud the Draconic inscribed along the circle’s border.

“Bahamut, Lurd uk sra Nursr, I corr
Crerdram uk Io Wa’ra Arr.
Oma rikbra karqoms bakura Aeui ksomdk
Tu vroae sros Yui kesrs vroca Yuir Romd
ivum srek kocrad kerrur, su seqa es Lesrs
sra qekeum uk Trisr, uk Jikseca, vros ek Resrs.”

To those that understand Draconic:

“Bahamut, Lord of the North, I call!
Children of Io We’re All.
One humble servant before You stands
To pray that You might place Your Hand
upon this sacred mirror, to give it Light
the vision of Truth, of Justice, what is Right.”

The mirror, once dull, erupts into Silver and Gold light. Within the brilliance they can actually See.

A storm of many elements is raging on an endless plain. lightning flashes, the land itself is on fire, and an icy wind blows. In the center of the plain sits a Dragonborn in cloth robes, eyes closed, chanting.

“I, dekcevra uk Iuim
Lesrs em sra dord
Baorar uk sra comdra uk Trisr.

(I, disciple of Ioun
Light in the dark
Bearer of the candle of Truth)

Five dragons pace around the Dragonborn in a small circle, periodically lashing out, but withdrawing as a barrier makes itself visible. The Dragonborn pays no notice.

“Fruks osoemks kera.
Froka osoemks eca.
Foesr osoemks sra arakamsk.”

(Frost against fire.
Flame against ice.
Faith against the elements.)

A voice thunders across the plain followed by a wave of elements that devastates the ground it passes, but the Dragonborn and the ground around him remain untouched.

“Kaavar uk kae kuir
Kaavar uk dmuvradsa
Kaavar uk resrs.”

(Keeper of my soul
Keeper of knowledge
Keeper of right)

Light starts to surround the Dragonborn, the ground around him shines with an unearthly glow.

“Ssramssr em sra dord
Ssramssr em odqarkesae
Ssramssr su uqarcuka!”

(Strength in the dark
Strength in adversity
Strength to overcome!)

The ground erupts in radiant light, blinding the five dragons. As they reel the Dragonborn strides forth, swinging a massive sword twice his size made entirely of light. He swiftly dispatches three, and wounds a fourth, but the two remaining dragons recover and lift off, circling the dragonborn.

Ekdhrine bellows. Lightning arcs, hitting him three times. He drops to a knee. The injured Red Dragon, seeing an opportunity, lunges in and snaps at his neck. Ekdhrine swings his left arm in the way, and, with his left arm deep in the Red Dragon’s jaw, whips out a dagger with his right and plunges it into the dragon’s throat. Ekdhrine rips the dagger down and through its neck.

Wings burst from his back and he jumps into the sky, throwing off the death-grip of the Red. He and the Black dragon circle each other, blood flying off of Ekdhrine as he struggles with his wounds. With a final effort, Ekdhrine lunges forward, gutting the Black, but getting savagely shredded by the it’s claws. He falls to the earth, where he is still.

Outside the mirror, Rook closes his eyes. Moments later a cloaked figure appears in the plane next to Ekdhrine. Ekdhrine’s sword has vanished, and his body is starting to fade, the entire plane is starting to become fuzzy and inconsistent, until only the cloaked figure and Ekdhrine remain clear. All the while, the cloaked figure is slowly chanting under his breath, and the dissipating form of Ekdhrine begins to flow into the cloaked form. As the plane is almost completely gone, A roar reverberates.


Rook’s cloak is blown across his face, and his body is rocked by the force of the scream. A five-headed dragon appears at the edge of sight but he continues channeling until the last of Ekdhrine has flowed into him. The dragon lets loose a blast of elements that consumes the mirror’s field of vision, but outside the mirror Rook opens his eyes.

The mirror falls to the floor with a clatter and goes blank.

Session 10
In which the Tiamat plot comes to a Head (or Heads, as the case may be...)

With the bickering unresolved, the party hears malignant chanting echoing through the sewers. With their ears pressed against the reinforced wooden door and iron portcullis blocking entry to chamber presumed to be the chanting’s source, Althea and Cheese are able to make out the words—though they’re in Draconic. Cheese does his best to interpret the ritual, decides it required too much thinking, and makes Sa’id do it.

The words are a prelude to a sacrificial offering, which our valiant heroes must of course prevent, but only after overcoming the extreme intellectual challenge of yet another door, which always seem to be in the way…

Evaluating the situation, Sa’id realizes he can freeze the water dripping along the portcullis and wedges the gate open, while Cheese magnetizes the iron bar on the other side of the door, and charges his sword to lift it from the other side. Throwing open the door, the party is face-to-face with a Dragonborn cleric hunched over a grand altar to Tiamat at the top of a dais, all the while looking particularly badass. This problem is quickly rectified as Eryndan whips him off the stairs and onto his ass.

The party is nearly killed by several Wrack Abishai that ambush our heroes from beneath a cloak of invisibility, the Cleric Virrar’s pent-elemental Maws and Break of Tiamat, and the Shadar-kai Assassin Eluron Bladewhisper whose very shadow is as lethal as his greatsword. Althea and Dan nearly die of their wounds, but are saved by Cheese, who lays his hands upon them. Sa’id dispatches the Abishai with a whirlwind of his sword, and Eryndan lays into the cleric with a flurry of claws and teeth.

Meanwhile, just as Althea is about to fall to Eluron, Cheese makes a last ditch effort to save her by channeling the Tiamat trap from before, and on the second try, succeeds in losing his mind, having five heads, and running the Shadar-Kai through.

Did we mention he lost his mind?

Bloodied and nearly broken, the party finally defeats Virrar, but their victory is short-lived. With a great buffet of wings, a young black dragon emerges from the sewer pipe above, and meets eyes with Cheese, who succumbs to his curse. It lets loose a great roar and flies away, giving our heroes a chance to return to the surface and meet back up with Kothar and Qilababa.

Session 9

The party heads to the curio shop the next night. Zael has thought up a plan using his new bracers but when he tries to get the party to strategize a bit they seem full on determined to be mindless fucktards and rush in. Exasperated he at least gets them to use his Shadow legion ability so they’re all stealthed. Not that this ends up mattering seeing as Sa’id insists on hitting up the register when they go in, which then makes a trap explode in his face. The register hit’s the floor with a clatter and Zael considers locking his idiot party members in the shop and just setting the whole fucking place on fire.

The party clamors down the stares and encounters assassins that take way too long to kill. They find tattoos of Tiamat on them but little else, so the group raids the bookcases. Sa’id finds a sleeping draught and a trap door.

The adventurers head through the door which leads them to the sewers. As they explore Dan gets covered in evil mushroom spores that will spout in 11 days on the eclipse. They also find a whirlpool of sewage that’s a ton of different colors.

Eventually they hear snoring and find a huge troll sleeping in one of the pipes. They fight it and find out that the multicolored whirlpool summons shadow copies of the troll. After they kill the troll they realize it too was a follower of Tiamat. There’s a magical symbol also belonging to Tiamat above them. Cheese wants to destroy it but Sa’id, bent on touching more shit he shouldn’t, argues that he wants to use it to enchant his weapon. The two bicker while Dan laughs and Zael shouts encouragement to Sa’id.

In the distance they hear chanting.

Session 8.5
Meanwhile, at the Temple of Ioun

Sandalwood incense clogs the air as you enter in through the side of the converted temple. Inside, many of the windows have been covered with solid-colored tapestries bearing a gold-embroidered symbol of Ioun, as much to insulate against the harsh Saharan sun as to tout the newly-installed deity. The chandeliers overhead and candelabras lining the ambulatory smoke badly, providing even fainter light in this grim sanctuary.

An attendant acolyte recognizes you and leads you into the cloister behind, where even more tapestries hang, obscuring what you assume to be the iconography of the previous patron of this sacred site, given your insightfulness. Looking around you see many devotees poring over ancient tomes and scrolls, copying some and restoring others. This place has been converted into a repository of knowledge and a hub of learning, but seems off somehow, as if the very walls protest the divine intrusion.

Finally the acolyte brushes aside a curtain and motions for you to enter, where Kothar-ur-Khasis awaits. He leaves, and it is only then that you realize he never spoke a word to you.

“Your friend has finally awakened,” Kothar says gruffly, standing up to give you a salute befitting a subordinate. “Though I would say he has much changed from his ordeal.”

Looking over to Shysar you see him sitting on the edge of the awkwardly small bed, wearing a simple tunic, cowhide britches, and a double-belt that girdles a blue-and-white tabard with the head of Bahamut emblazoned upon his chest.

“…” Ekdhrine draws up a chair, and sits, nearly motionless, waiting for Shysar to notice his entrance.

Shysar sees his cousin walk in and quickly looks down, unsure of what is happening.

Ekdhrine looks Shysar up and down. “Well? Are you going to tell me what happened?”

Shysar, still a bit unbalanced, looks ruefully at his cousin, “Cousin, I fear we may be in over our heads…you know not the circumstances on which our freedom teeters.”

“…” Ekdhrine patiently waits.

“Our freedom hinges on the demons which I dealt with…it wasn’t my proudest decision, but for our freedom I saw it as necessary at the time,” admits Shysar.

Ekhdrine calmly pats Shysar’s shoulder. “I told you while I was studying the arts, dealing with demons is not inherently evil, it is a lack of judgement and understanding of consequences that is the problem.”

“Your words ring true. I fear we may have a problem in our future.”

“I expected this outcome from the beginning; be it demons or enemies of Tiamat that were not side-by-side with our brethren at the end, our escape was certain to have costs. Now…” Ekdhrine leans forward and taps Shysar’s chest. “What is our’s?”

Shysar looks down, ashamed of his actions. “I do not know. The demon merely said I would pay when the time is right. At the time I was ready for anything in order to keep us safe”

Ekdhrine stomps the ground, shaking the rafters with a yell, “THIS. THIS IS EXACTLY WHAT I TOLD YOU NEVER TO DO!” Ekdhrine spits out a lick of lightning as he yells.

Shysar stands up with a roar, cold mist surrounding his mouth, “What would you have me do cousin? We needed to escape and I made it happen!”

Ekdhrine regains his composure. “The costs…” he shakes his head. “I tried to tell you before, a demon’s costs can be more than you could possibly imagine, thralldom for instance, what kind of freedom is that? Or worse, the death of more innocents.”

Shysar walks to the window of the room and stares out, “The folly was mine, cousin, if anyone is to die for my actions it will be me and me alone.”

Ekdhrine sighs, “You can’t know that, if you were controlled, there is no way of knowing what you could do. Your life would be forfeit, not destroyed, but uncontrolled by you.”

Shysar turns around slowly, “It is there I must interject, cousin. For my slumber and my dreams were not normal. I was visited by the Platinum Dragon, he has purified me. The demon has no more control over my soul than you do. He will come for his puppet, but he shall find no easy victory over my soul!”

Kothar nods in agreement, the plates of his armor chinking together as he crosses his arms. “What he says is true. Bahamut saved his life and safeguarded his soul. Now, Shysar’s hammer is for Bahamut to command.”

Shysar grunts and takes a deep breath, “I fear for what I have done cousin, but with my new strength and resolve, I feel we may just have a chance at fighting this. What say you?”

Ekdhrine continues shaking his head, “I am glad that you will not be coerced into foul action, but we still have a problem.

“That demon’s deal was completely legal and binding, while his intent may not have been pure, the gods—and particularly Bahamut—can only interfere with it with the intention of still having a completed bargain, whatever price he intended, and it was surely high, must be paid one way or the other. Simply killing him goes against our father’s convictions.”

Shysar nods thoughfully, “Kothar has told me this. He has been very kind in his treatment of me, and has made a lifelong brother for saving me. The demon shall have his price paid, I will see to it. Whatever it may be.”

Ekdhrine stands, “If he requires a price that goes against your convictions, you understand that to a point you must pay it…”

Shysar looks grimly, “I have thought long and hard about this and I understand. I will pay any price to fix my folly. And I swear no innocents will fall for my mistake!” He punctuates the last statement with a frosty roar.

Ekdhrine sighs, “I can not help you with this, and there is a high chance that I will have to kill you before the end, but I hope that this somehow sees a happy end.”

“And neither can Bahamut interfere," interjects the older Paladin. "It is up to Shysar, but the Platinum Dragon must have seen something in him to stir the heart that had been stilled.” Kothar looks between the two, the air growing hot with his temper. “He has an intergral part to play in the coming struggle to retake Sumarat. Of that I am certain.”

Shysar nods, a white-hot fire seeming to burn behind his eyes.

Ekdhrine leaves without another word, as rage and sorrow conflict on his face.

Kothar inclines his head, watching the Dragonborn go. “He, too, has a part to play, though I fear what that might be.” With a flutter of his cape he turns and leaves Shysar to himself.

Session 8
How did all this happen in only 2 1/2 hours of play?!

Finally back on track, the party seeks out Qilababa. Going back to where they last saw him, they find crates stacked in a peculiar manner that seem to be pointing in a certain direction. They also come across an Eladrin bard named Kannan, who exudes charisma and sex, as this is a necessary requirement for bards. Cheese apparently insulted him a couple nights back in the bar, by talking over his awesome guitar solo or something. After a quick recap of their adventures and current mission he, against better judgment, decides to join the party.

The party follows the crates and finds that they lead to a tavern called The Cantering Steed. Before entering, Zael makes a quick mention of the fact that they probably shouldn’t go pissing off a whole den of thieves and tells everyone to play cool. Cheese fails at this horribly.

Once inside the party splits up a bit.

Sa’id puts on a shemagh and goes off to look menacing in a corner. He has a bit of a staring match with one of the patrons. The man comes over to him and throws down dice. After a bit of gambling, Sa’id suspects the man is cheating. He electrifies his sword and sweeps it over the dice, which magnetically attach themselves to it. Caught in his scam, the man leaves Sa’id with the money he was betting. Sa’id finds a coin with a horse head etched on it among his “winnings.”

Dan scans the sparse population of patrons and spots a suspicious looking elven woman in the corner.

Meanwhile Cheese, Althea, Kannan and Zael go to speak with the bartender. Kannan gets some history about the place, learning that its in one of the more ancient sections of the city. Zael mentions Ra’shal, but the bartender divulges nothing. However the chick Dan was staring at immediately gets up at the mention of Ra’shal and heads upstairs. Dan follows, as does Kannan.

They find her waiting for them in one of the rooms upstairs. She engages them in some suggestive banter but it doesn’t get beyond that though because they end up mentioning Ra’shal again which utterly kills her mood and with it any chance of a blowjob. After some threats of homicide between the two parties, they show her the earring they found when Ra’shal disappeared. Oddly enough she apparently has a matching one. They give her the earring which flies to her and connects with the one she has. Then she thanks them and flips out the damn window. As she runs off she yells out her name: Layla ibn Sehaine Al-Maghreb. Little do the guys know, they have just missed out on having sex with a goddamned princess. lolz

During all this Cheese Althea and Zael managed to glean information about Qilababa and are taken out into a luxurious courtyard by the bartender. Sa’id follows a few minutes behind. The area is way nicer than the slums they were just in and they guess that it might have been the original castle. They follow a hall covered in mosaics which tells of Marrakesh’s history. How the original people were Eladrin until the humans invaded. The human leader and the Eladrin queen married and from then on the lineage has followed a matriarchal line. Also the princesses are all dedicated to a certain deity and all have brown eyes. As another side note, there seems to be a re-occurring symbol of a black stallion. The last queen is actually riding it and at the last scene, dismounts.

After that long ass walk they come to another courtyard. Qilababa is there as well as a bunch of playing children. Qilababa seems to have been expecting them. He tells the adventurers that the folks they saved from the fire were actually French spies. Zael says that they should’ve let the rats burn and then informs the merchant that they have no love for the French. He and Althea inform him of their need to find Ra’shal and the documents she has. The merchant is glad to help, but for a price. There is a guild of assassins moving on the thieves territory. If the party disposes of these interlopers, he’ll be more than happy to give them more information.

The assassins guild is called the Poisoned Shadows, and tends to leave a nightshade flower at the scene of their kills. The group remembers that same flower being with the Tiamat idol when they were investigating Tellemon’s death, i.e. Tellemon was on of the Poisoned Shadows bastards. Cheese runs off to speak with the paladin of Bahamut, Content Not Found: kothar and to check on Shy.

Before the others follow him, Qilababa mentions that Sa’id looks like someone and that they should be wary of the half-elf. Sa’id, who is standing right there, is confused.

In a convenient turn of events there is an assassination that brings everyone together again and guess what the fucker left on the body? THAS RAHT MOTHA FUKKA. A damn flower. Zael thinks these are the fruitiest assassins he’s ever seen, and he screws men.

Everyone goes to chase the assassin on the roof tops. The fight eventually concludes when Sa’id knocks the bitch two stories down. When she comes to, Zael is restraining her and probably also copping a feel, Dan who is a bear, is growling in her face, Thea is leering at her with an evil shit eating grin, and Cheese is Cheese.

Thea asks where the assassins guild is and after a bit of coercing from Cheese and his huge fucking teeth she tells the party that they reside in a curiosity shop.

The party decides to get some sleep and drags the injured assassin with them. More weird dreams ensue. Annoyingly, only Kannan remembers his, even though he’d been with the party for all of three fucking hours. He dreams about the history of Marrakesh and makes the connection that the chick he and Dan were talking to is the goddamned princess.

Session 7
Cheese and Dan go do something heroic while the rest twiddle their fucking thumbs and generally don’t give a shit.

Everyone except Thea, Mooshy and Slavey go and hunt down the Dog. Dan does a good job tracking (mostly because he’s part dog). They speak to an incompetent guard on the way who does not help them at all, and a mysterious gnome merchant named Qilababa who sort-of does.

The party finds the dog climbing into a second story window of their new house, which is being currently occupied by the French Royal Navy. It’s a pretty nice place with a gazebo and roof top garden which is probably why the fruity bastards took it over. The party sneaks in and hears movement upstairs, they check it out and find the dog transformed into a statuette again, thus ruling it out as the source of the noise.

The group ventures further and is greeted by utter blackness. Cheese screams like a girl when something brushes past him, and Sa’id gets pick pocketed out of his last 5 gold and is also left a bill for 5 more. Inside the room Cheese and Sa’id finds a folder with papers missing, and some more stamped by Pierre. There’s also a “babblefish” polyglot gem that lets Sa’id understand French.

Zael is then threatened and/or hit on by a Sexy Shadow Lady. He tries to flip her over with his tail and ends up getting his hand slashed. He and Lucien run after the SSL, while everyone else is being fucking useless in the first room. SSL leaps out of a window and by the time Lu and Zael get to her she vanishes, leaving a cool Shadowfell earring thing. Zael is pissed off and possibly in love.

It gets lighter out and the group goes back to the inn, deciding to tell the military about the shit that went down and claim their house once they’ve slept.

Everyone has crazy dreams again but Sa’id is the only one who remembers his. He sees someone murder his mother and then has a second dream where he chases down and faces the murderer but wakes up before he sees who he is.

They go back to the house and show Commandant Ghislain the shit they found and tell them about the SSL and what she took. He says he’ll let them have their house if they track her and the documents down. Thea’s target “Pierre” is involved too. Can’t remember how.

Also it seems SSL’s name is Ra’shal and she and the Commandant have crossed paths before.

While searching the party notices a fire and head that way. Cheese and Dan help the people in a burning whore house while the others, including Thea who is a prostitute herself, and Zael who has natural fire resistance, twiddle their fucking thumbs and generally don’t give a shit.

Dan saves one woman as her mount, while Cheese cannonballs out a window onto his back, heroically saving a child and two women.

While Dan and Cheese stop dying from smoke inhalation, Zael finds out that the slightly helpful merchant, Qilababa is part of the Thieves Guild and the party should probably talk to him to find Raa’shal.

After this discovery Dan and Cheese insist on being more heroic and chase down the arsons. The rest of the group follows, solely for the possibility of a good fight and some cash.

Justice is eventually had, gold is doled out and everyone is generally happy, except for the dead arsons.


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