The Narbonne have occupied the port city of Marrakesh for more than a generation now, and tensions are running high as Queen Shar’azi al-Maghreb formally recognizes Lord Admiral Rainier Desmarins as her Grand Vizier. In the background, the cult of Ioun has gained considerable political clout, and rumors abound of a crown princess gone missing. The Merchant Prince Tariq Al-Jawar threatens a boycott of Narbonnais goods just as a rash of bankruptcies hits the noble quarter, but the opium trade and Red Moon houses are as profitable as ever. Winds bring news from the south of a religious civil war in the Dragonlands, and the deserts themselves are coming alive as ifrits, djinni, and mirages walk among mortals. What path will our adventurers forge for themselves in a land rife with intrigue, treachery, and wonder?

Marrakesh is a campaign of 3-7th level set in the titular homebrew city. Modeled loosely on Colonial Algiers and Morocco, politics and subterfuge themes dominate, while still featuring many of the fantasy trappings you’d expect from Dungeons & Dragons.