Sessions 14 and a wee bit more

Here's the run down...

So alot of shit has gone down since the Masquerade.
Every one ended up at the Thieves Guild hideout. Where we find out Ra’shal is getting it on with Ghislain and also that she’s Layla’s body guard.
The group is now officially wanted by the Narbonne and end up getting caught and imprisoned. This isn’t too bad though since they’re imprisoned in a nice house.
Everyone escapes and finds out the Cult of Ioun is apparently really the cult of the crazy half dead god that’s been invading the party’s nightmares, which are getting ALOT worse.
A bitchy drow ends up in the party.
The Queen has had her baby with the Narbonne vizier, which means Layla and really all of Marrakesh (and possibly the world)is screwed unless the kid bites it.
Oh and tariq is in prison now. And not the nice prison the party was in. The real prison with rats and toilet wine and butt rape.
The group is charged with stealing the kid resuing Tariq and afterwards finding the Shavarian ambassador so they can get him on their side.
So far the group has split up and have gotten to their objecttives. Unfortunately they’ve run into some resistance.


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