The Deed to House Madar

Thought to be lost to the ages, now in the hands of our adventurers.


Worn by the ages, it is only through magical enchantments that the document has persevered so long. The deed itself is wrought in a flowery script of Old Elven, indicative that it might have once been owned by the native Eladrin even before the coming of Man. Or that the bastard who had it drawn up thought himself so fancy.


Held by the patriarchs of House Madar since the founding of their line, Darom Madar sealed it away with himself when it would have otherwise fallen into the hands of the rival House Tsalaxa.

Tipped off by a Dwarf merchant of House Wavir, our adventurers found the Vault and braved its undead denizens, finally unlocking the Door of House Madar to gain entry to the Deed’s final resting place.

Now in their possession, they have shown it to the current occupants of the home, the Narbonnais Royal Navy, to prove their claim on the old Madar estates.

The Deed to House Madar

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